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Bell Service Bulletins – September 2021

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Bell Helicopter
ASB_505-21-21.pdfSump Drain Fitting Grommet NAS557-18C, Installation of (Model: 505)Alert6/9/2021
ASB_505-21-22.pdfEngine Oil Filter, One Time Inspection of (Model: 505)Alert6/17/2021
ASB_505-21-23.pdfOil System – Dedicated Criteria in the Frame of Bell ASB 505-21-22 (Model: 505)Alert6/17/2021
ASB_429-17-35-RA.pdfTail Rotor Blade 429-016-101-105, Inspection of (Model: 429)Alert7/6/2021
ASB_430-21-60.pdfMain Rotor Pitch Link Assembly Clevis and Universal Bearing, Inspection of (Model: 430)Alert7/13/2021
ASB_407-21-123.pdfTailboom Assembly, New Airworthiness Limitation Schedule (ALS) Inspection Requirement (Model: 407)Alert7/14/2021
ASB_412-21-185.pdfTail Rotor Drive Shaft Assembly 412-040- 620-103 Inspection and Removal from Service (Models: 412, 412EP)Alert7/15/2021
ASB_412CF-21-71.pdfTail Rotor Drive Shaft Assembly 412-040-620-103 Inspection and Removal from Service (Model: 412CF)Alert7/15/2021
TB_505-21-28.pdfNew Engine Oil Tank SLS-065-100-065, Introduction of (Model: 505)Technical7/6/2021
412-EP-EPI_-_Inspection_and_Airworthiness_Limitations.pdf412-EP-EPI – Inspection and Airworthiness Limitations (Models: 412, 412EP)Maintenance5/10/2021
407-GX-GXi-Inspection_and_Airworthiness_Limitations.pdf407-GX-GXi – Inspection and Airworthiness LimitationsMaintenance7/14/2021
IL_GEN-21-150.pdfInterchangeability of Agusta and Bell Manufactured PartsInformational5/12/2021
IL_GEN-21-151.pdfDefective Pitot/Static Elbow Fitting 50-012-13N402Informational5/12/2021
IL_GEN-99-65-RB.pdfInterchangeability of Agusta and Bell Manufactured PartsInformational5/12/2021
IL_429-21-15.pdfData Acquisition Flight Recorder (DAFR) Types D51615-202-011 and D51615-202-011-090 Configuration File SW110920 Updated to Release 6 (Model: 429)Informational6/9/2021

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