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Textron Aviation Service Bulletins – September 2021

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Propeller Aircraft
SEB-34-20R2Navigation – G1000 NXi with ESP Software Update to Version 2501.10 that Turns Off the Autopilot Engagement at Low Airspeed (Model 172S Skyhawk)Mandatory5/4/2021
SEL-71-15Power Plant – O-Ring Inspection and Installation For Turbocharger Waste Gate Oil Drain Line (Model: T206H Stationair)Mandatory7/19/2021
CAL-24-05Electrical Power – Wire Bundle ID Tag Inspection (Models: 208, 208B)Recommended5/25/2021
SEL-79-04Oil – Transmittal of Continental Aerospace Technologies SB21-03 Oil Temperature Control Valve Inspection (Models: T240, 300, 350, 400)Recommended7/28/2021
CAB-34-11Navigation – Stall Warning Horn Replacement (Models: 208, 208B)Optional5/25/2021
SEB-34-22Navigation – Stall Warning Horn Replacement (Models: 182S, 182T, T182T, 206H, T206H)Optional5/27/2021
CAB-77-03Engine Indicating – FAST Hardware and Software Update for 4G Network (Model: 208B)Optional8/17/2021
CAL-34-03R3Navigation – Transmittal of Garmin Service Advisory No.1612 Rev E 2020 IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Field) Magnetic Field Model (Models: 208, 208B)Informational5/24/2021
Citation Jets
SB700-57-01Wings – Inspection of the Left and Right Wing Ribs for Application of Integral Fuel Corrosion Resistant Primer (Model: 700 Longitude)Mandatory5/25/2021
SL700-27-02Flight Controls – Inspection of the Left and Right Wing Aileron Control Cable Installation (Model: 700 Longitude)Mandatory6/1/2021
SL700-57-01Wings – Replacement of the 7410352-16 Right Flap Closeout Bracket (Model: 700 Longitude)Mandatory7/29/2021
SB700-32-01R2Landing Gear – Installation of the Nose Landing Gear Trunnion Support Assembly Serial Placards (Model: 700 Longitude)Mandatory8/2/2021
SB525-34-97R1Navigation – Garmin Software Update to Version 4.8.11 (Model: 525 M2)Mandatory8/25/2021
SB525B-34-32R1Navigation – Garmin Software Update to Version 4.8.11 (Model: 525B CJ3+)Mandatory8/27/2021
SL700-29-01Hydraulic Power – Inspection of the Rudder Standby Direct Current (DC) Hydraulic Pump Assembly for Incorrect Hydraulic Fluid Specification Number Ink Marking (Model: 700 Longitude)Recommended5/7/2021
SL700-71-01Power Plant – Transmittal of GKN Aerospace Technical Variance (TV) GKN-TV-20088 Issue 2 Instructions (Model: 700 Longitude)Recommended5/7/2021
CIL-34-08Navigation – Transmittal of Collins Aerospace Service Bulletin ATL-4000-34-D, Navigation – ALT-4000-Evaluation of Surface Mount Ferrite Bead Used on the Power Supply (Models: 525, 525B, 525C, 560XL)Recommended5/18/2021
SL525C-24-08Electrical Power – Ground Bolt Torque Inspection (Model: 525C CJ4)Recommended5/18/2021
SL525B-27-04Flight Controls – FDR Flap Position Wiring Inspection (Model: 525B CJ3+)Recommended5/19/2021
SL700-52-02Doors – Examination of the Emergency Exit and Baggage Door Frame for Missing Fillet Seal (Model: 700 Longitude)Recommended6/4/2021
SB750-23-21Communications – Aircell ATG Antenna Electrical Bonding Improvement (Model: 750 Citation X)Recommended6/23/2021
SL525-29-04Hydraulic Power – CV02-193 Check Valve Inspection (Model: 525 M2)Recommended7/20/2021
SL525B-29-03Hydraulic Power – CV02-193 Check Valve Inspection (Model: 525B CJ3+)Recommended7/20/2021
SL525-55-04R1Stabilizers – Lower Hinge Bracket in Vertical Stabilizer Fastener Inspection (Model: 525 M2)Recommended7/22/2021
SL525C-23-04Communications – Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Control Head Replacement (525C CJ4)Recommended7/27/2021
SL680-32-17Landing Gear – Parking Brake Assembly Inspection (Model: 680 Sovereign+)Recommended7/28/2021
SL525C-29-01R2Hydraulic Power – Drain Hose T-Fitting Inspection in Aft Fairing Hydraulic Installation (525C CJ4)Recommended8/3/2021
SL560XL-23-13Communications-Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Control Panel Replacement (Model: 560XL XLS+)Recommended8/18/2021
SB700-49-01R1Auxiliary Power – Modification of the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Starting System (Model: 700 Longitude)Discretionary5/14/2021
SL680A-29-01R1Hydraulic Power-Hydraulic Accumulator Placard Removal (Model: 680A Latitude)Discretionary5/19/2021
SB680A-30-01Ice and Rain Protection – Change Anti-Ice Crossflow Valve Orientation (Model: 680A Latitude)Discretionary6/3/2021
SB700-42-02R2Integrated Modular Avionics – Garmin G5000 Software to Update 5.1.10 Version 2257.65 (Model: 700 Longitude)Discretionary6/17/2021
SB700-28-01R1Fuel – Fuel Tank Temperature Control Modification (Model: 700 Longitude)Discretionary7/15/2021
SB700-32-02Landing Gear – Installation of Improved Main Landing Gear Door Seal (Model: 700 Longitude)Discretionary9/2/2021
SB750-32-65Landing Gear – Installation of Nose Landing Gear Lower Torque Link Stop Assembly (Model: 750 Citation X)Optional5/12/2021
SB680A-25-13Equipment/Furnishings – Installation of a Cabin Threshold in the Passenger Compartment (Model: 680A Latitude)Optional6/2/2021
SB700-25-02R2Equipment/Furnishing – Forward Divider Door/Garmin Interface (Model: 700 Longitude)Optional6/10/2021
SB560XL-23-10Communications – Aviator 300 Satcom Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA) Replacement (Model: 560XL XLS+)Optional6/16/2021
SB525-53-21Fuselage – Radome Latch Improvement (Model: 525 M2)Optional6/17/2021
SB525B-53-03Fuselage – Radome Latch Improvement (Model: 525B CJ3)Optional6/17/2021
SB680A-34-19Navigation – GH-3900 Secondary Flight Display (SFD) DG Heading Mode (Model: 680A Latitude)Optional6/22/2021
SB680-34-41R1Navigation – Installation of Dual Litef Hybrid Navigator Units and RNP AR=0.3 Software (Model: 680 Sovereign+)Optional6/28/2021
SB700-23-03R1Communications – Gogo Avance L5/Garmin Interface (Model: 700 Longitude)Optional7/1/2021
SB680A-34-17R1Navigation – Installation of Dual Litef Hybrid Navigator Units and RNP AR=0.3 Software (Model: 680A Latitude)Optional7/7/2021
SB680-23-10R1Communications – Installation of Garmin Iridium Datalink Equipment and Software (Model: 680 Sovereign+)Optional8/4/2021
SB525C-31-03Indicating/Recording Systems – MDT-3110 (Maintenance Data Tables) Update (Model: 525C CJ4)Optional8/12/2021
SB525-23-22R1Communications – Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/25/2021
SB525-23-23R1Communications – Link 2000+ Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) Installation (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/25/2021
SB525-23-24R1Communications – FAA Datacomm Installation (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/25/2021
SB525-34-100R1Navigation – Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A Installation (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/25/2021
SB525-34-101R1Navigation – Garmin Surfacewatch Installation (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/25/2021
SB525-34-103R1Navigation – Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) Class A Installation (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/25/2021
SB525-34-104R1Navigation – Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II) Installation (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/25/2021
SB525-34-107R1Navigation – Garmin Hardware and Software Update to Version 4.8.9 (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/25/2021
SB525-34-99R1Navigation – Ground Clutter Suppression (GCS) and Turbulence Detection System (TDS) Option (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/25/2021
SB525B-34-40R2Navigation – Garmin Hardware and Software Update to Version 4.8.9 (Model: 525B CJ3+)Optional8/25/2021
SB525-25-35R1Equipment/Furnishings – Garmin Flight Stream 510 Installation (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/27/2021
SB525-34-102R1Navigation – Synthetic Vision System Installation (Model: 525 M2)Optional8/27/2021
CIL-34-09Navigation – Transmittal of Honeywell Service Bulletin FMZ-2000/2010 – Flight Management System (FMS) Software Version 6.1 (FMS 6.1) Upgrade and Consolidation (Models: 550, 560, 560XL, 650, 750)Informational7/15/2021
SL525-34-33R1Navigation – Transmittal of Garmin Service Advisory No. 1612 Revision F, 2020 IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Feild) Magnetic Field Model (Model: 525 M2)Informational8/4/2021
SL525B-34-10R2Navigation – Transmittal of Garmin Service Advisory No.1612 Revision F, 2020 IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Field) Magnetic Field Model (Model: 525B CJ3+)Informational8/4/2021
SL700-99-01Miscellaneous – Transmittal of Textron Aviation’s Certification Requirements for Portable Electronic Device Usage (Model: 700 Longitude)Informational9/3/2021
Hawker Beechcraft
MTB-44-01Cabin Systems – Avance L3 System Wiring Modification to Prevent TCAS Fail Message (Model: Super King Air B300)Mandatory6/7/2021
SL390-34-01Navigation – Implement Airplane Flight Manual Changes After Disabling NAV/VNAV (Model: Premier 390)Mandatory6/10/2021
SEB-34-24Navigation – G1000 Nxi with ESP Software Update to Version 3185.06 that Turns Off the Autopilot Engagement at Low Airspeed (Model: G36 Bonanza)Recommended7/16/2021
MEB-34-03Navigation – G1000 Nxi with ESP Software Update to Version 3185.06 that Turns Off the Autopilot Engagement at Low Airspeed (Model: G58 Baron)Recommended7/16/2021

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