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Textron Aviation Service Bulletins – March 2022

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Propeller Aircraft
CAL-32-04Landing Gear – Brake Cylinder Inspection (Models: 208, 208B)Mandatory1/25/2022
SEL-34-14Navigation – Transmittal of Garmin Mandatory Service Bulletin No: 2194 Revision A GIA 64 Com Receiver (Models: 172S, 182T, T206H)Mandatory3/8/2022
SEB-26-01Fire Protection – Portable Fire Extinguisher Replacement (Models: 172S)Optional1/27/2022
CAB09-11R1Garmin G1000 Avionics ChartView Option (Models: 208, 208B)Optional2/8/2022
CAB09-7R1Garmin G1000 Synthetic Vision Installation (Models: 208, 208B)Optional2/8/2022
CAB-34-09Navigation – Garmin G1000 NXI Synthetic Vision Installation (Models: 208, 208B)Optional2/8/2022
CAB-34-10Navigation – Install ChartView on G1000 NXi Airplanes (Models: 208, 208B)Optional2/8/2022
SEL-57-11Wings – Information For Model 210 Carry-Thru Spar Replacement (Models: Single Engines)Informational1/27/2022
Citation Jets
SL700-26-01R2Fire Protection – Inspection of the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Forward Mount Fire Sensing Support Bracket Installation (Model: 700)Mandatory12/2/2021
SB680A-52-09Doors – Move Splices to New Location Within the Cabin Entry Door (CED) (Model: 680A)Mandatory12/10/2021
SB700-52-04Doors – Move Splices to New Location Within the Cabin Entry Door (CED) (Model: 700)Mandatory12/10/2021
SB680A-25-15R1Equipment/Furnishings – Replacement of the Smoking/Fasten Seat Belt Sign in the Aft Lavatory (Model: 680A)Mandatory2/8/2022
SL525-71-08Power Plant – Installation of a Missing Fastener on the Engine Inlet Forward Firewall (Model: 525)Recommended12/1/2021
SL700-29-02Hydraulic Power – Left and Right Wing Trailing Edge Hydraulic Fitting Torque Inspection (Model: 700)Recommended12/3/2021
SB700-24-02Electrical Power – Modification of the Interior Junction Box (J-Box) Electrical Wiring (Model: 700)Recommended12/13/2021
SB525C-25-04R1Equipment/Furnishings-Powered Headset Jack Modification (Model: 525C)Recommended12/14/2021
SB680-27-16R1Flight Controls – Mach Trim PCB Improvement (Model: 680)Recommended12/15/2021
SL700-24-01R1Electrical Power – Left and Right DC Power Junction Box Wire Bundle Assembly Inspection (Model: 700)Recommended12/21/2021
SB525B-24-12Electrical Power – Jumper Installation in the Compressor Assembly (Model: 525B)Recommended1/10/2022
SL700-52-03Doors – Main Cabin Door Rigging Health Check (Model: 700)Recommended1/20/2022
SB700-29-02R1Hydraulic Power – Replacement of the Engine Driven Hydraulic Pump Discharge (System A and B) Filter Bowls on the Hydraulic System Filter Manifolds (Pneudraulics Inc. Service Bulletin 8325-29-10-01) (Model: 700)Recommended1/31/2022
SB680A-25-14R1Equipment/Furnishings – Installation of Improved Axles and Gears for the Executive and Slimline Tables (Model: 680A)Discretionary2/8/2022
SL680-30-09R1Ice and Rain Protection – Add Sealant Between Piccolo Tubes and Landing Light Box Fasteners to Prevent Chafing (Model: 680)Discretionary2/18/2022
SL680A-30-01R1Ice and Rain Protection – Add Sealant Between Piccolo Tubes and Landing Light Box Fasteners to Prevent Chafing (Model: 680A)Discretionary2/18/2022
SB525C-34-09R3Navigation – Automatic Dependent Broadcast Surveillance (ADS-B) Out Transponder Installation (Model: 525C)Optional1/3/2022
SB680A-52-08Doors – Addition of Drainage Holes to the Tailcone Access Door and Tunnel (Model: 680A)Optional1/11/2022
SB525C-23-03Communications – ATN-B1 Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) (Model: 525C)Optional1/20/2022
SB750-36-22Pnuematic – High Pressure Engine Bleed Tube Modification (Model: 750)Optional1/20/2022
SB680A-21-04R1Air Conditioning – Air Cycle Machine (ACM) Exhaust Duct Drainage Improvement (Model: 680A)Optional2/24/2022
CIL-34-10Navigation – Transmittal of Garmin SB 19102 GSR 56 Mod 1 (Models: Citations)Informational1/26/2022
Hawker Beechcraft
SEB-34-24R1Navigation – G1000 NXi with ESP Software Update to Version 3185.06 that turns off the Autopilot Engagement at Low AirspeedRecommended12/16/2021
MTL-34-03Navigation – Transmittal of Collins Aerospace Service Bulletin ATL-4000-34-D, Navigation – ALT-4000 – Evaluation of Surface Mount Ferrite Bead used on the Power SupplyRecommended3/8/2022
ME-TP-2016-08R1King Air Series Model Communiqué – (Affects Multiple Systems/Subsystems)Communiqué12/12/2021
ME-TP-0029Multi-Engine Turboprop Communiqué – (Affects Multiple Systems/Subsystems)Communiqué1/18/2022
ME-TP-0030Airframe maintenance manual part number 434-590169-0009 revision B4 updateCommuniqué2/17/2022

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